Whyred Fashion Week Moodfilm

During my time at Berghs School of Communication we were asked to produce the film content for the Whyred Flagship Store. Our group was in charge of the Womens SS14 Moodfilm. This was to be shown during Stockholm Fashion Week. We started with laying the basic guidelines for the concept, where the inspiration came from both Ingemar Bergman and the beautiful island Fårö. This together with a big splash of melancholia, Swedish minimalism, mirroring effects and layering tied the knot together for us.

We made mooadboards, wrote the script, went to an almost snowy beach in Nynäshamn and filmed everything. Juggling garment changes between the rain bursts. It was beautiful!

The film later aired during Stockholm Fashion Week and some time after. Both Whyred and we were very happy with the collaboration.

"Filming location at a nature reservoir near Nynäshamn in November. It was quite windy."

"We used Google Earth to scout for the best beach near Stockholm that would mimic the look of Fårö, Gotland."

Check out this article in Cap&Design about the project.

"The video display is being built in the Whyred Flagship Store for the upcoming Stockholm Fashion Week."

On the project

Number of bags during shoot:
Number of hairs lost:
Favourite part of project:
Amanda Thomsson
Kim Carlos Rehn
Anna Turdell
Andreas Sandberg
Heidi Myllyviita
200, at least.
Filming location & seeing the films aired.
We were in charge of
• Idea & concept.
• Storyboards.
• Moodboards.
• Location scouting.
• Filming.
• Editing (After Effects).
• Composition and production of music (Andreas Sandberg).