V.AVE.SR. Ident

During my time at Berghs School of Communication we were asked to produce an Ident that communicated the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair brand. We got to visit their store in Stockholm and got a great presentation of the clothes, atelier and the overall mood of the brand. I really loved the process of this and the end result, we really played with it.

We wanted to communicate a fierce and somewhat volatile look. With focus on showing guts and making an impact, we wanted V.AVE.S.R. to really pack a punch. The result was playing with colours, filming, editing and adding sound effects that would match our concept.

"The brand is known for their unique cuts, materials and silhouettes."

"We used paint and water to create a pattern that would transforms over time and never be the same. Catch the moment."

On the project

Number of paint jars:
Number of hairs lost:
Favourite part of project:
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Amanda Thomsson
Kim Carlos Rehn
Anna Turdell 
Andreas Sandberg 
Heidi Myllyviita
The experimentation.
We were in charge of
• Idea & concept.
• Storyboards.
• Moodboards.
• Experiments.
• Filming.
• Editing (After Effects).
• Sound.