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I’m Amanda. A graphic designer, among other things. I'm used to juggling a lot of things at the same time and I think that shows in the way I create or participate in things. I love to create. And I love to learn new things. That's why I always find new things to pursue. For instance I sew, photograph, work with silver jewelry, run a café during the summer and run my own business the other parts of the year. I'm also really into archery, films, training, cooking, viking re-enactment and any kind of craft project. Thinking of starting blacksmithing and taking piano lessons. Wishing the day had 48 hours!

I graduated from Berghs School of Communication in 2014 where I studied graphic design. And it's been a good base for all my following projects.
Very intense, but one hell of a fun ride.

My business is graphic design, logotypes, concepts, visual identities, web design, typography, photography, some video editing, posters, books, magazines. Well, you name it. I'll probably make it. Challenge me?

I'm fortunate to have found the right concept for me, I feel that it really works.

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This is my story


Amanda Thomsson Design
2011 > Now

Graphic designer working with branding, strategy, marketing, project planning, presentation production, illustration, web design, photography, interior design concepts, expo, printing production and overall profiling. Handcrafts in paper, fabrics, wood, leather and silver among other things.

Recent project
Energi Funktion Komfort
2015 > 2017

New visual identity, logotype, communication guidelines, office interior design concept and website. Production of brand book, branding foliage, business cards, branding products, guidelines for social media.

Café Truten
2009 > Now

Running the seasonal café at the island Rödlöga in Stockholm archipelago. In charge of the concept, menu, economy, staff, stock and orders, routines, social media and interior concept. Teaching new staff members routines. Also working at all positions in the café to back up the staff.


2015 > 2016

Restaurant producing nordic, organic, local, affordable season food at Mariatorget in Stockholm. The food is divine. Hired in the kitchen and service, preparing food, plating and serving orders. As well as catering and take-away.


Berghs School of Communication
Graphic design
2012 > 2014
Class: GD1214 
Examination title: DBSoC

Full-time student at Berghs from 2012 to 2014, studying Graphic Design 2 years. Working with real clients, in project groups spanning over the different disciplines. A wide range of projects, some very guided and some very free. A hell of a fun ride!
Berghs SoC is crowned: "School of the Year" in Future Lions: 2014, 2015, 2016

Shortlisted – Future Lions 2013
Concept "Yamaha - Play it Yourself" in collaboration with Fredrika Frenkiel, Fanny Svensson Enbacken, Catalina Aguilera, David Dennerkrans, Caroline hjort, Sidona Tesfai och Linnéa Gardefjord.


Graphic design • Illustration • Graphic production • Typography • Idea & concept development • Magazine layout • Design history • Presentation technique • Professional development • Service design • Visual culture • Motion design • Building brands • Sustainable packaging design • Creative processes • Audiovisual design • Media theory • Graduation project: Visual identity


Food & Friends

December 2013

The third internship during my time at Berghs School of Communication. Working with presentation material, illustrations, mock-ups and christmas presents for clients.


May 2013

The second internship during my time at Berghs School of Communication. Working exclusively with magazine layout for Statens Fastighetsverks magazine "Kulturvärden". Layout design, mock-ups and production of the summer edition of 2013.

April 2013

The first internship during my time at Berghs School of Communication. Working with creating social media content for the client SAS. As well as mock-ups and presentation material for client meetings.


Customer care

2011 > 2012

Customer support through telephone and email. Helping customers with questions regarding invoices. Direct contact with Klarna-connected online stores as well as debt collection.


Strato information
Graphic designer
2010 > 2011

A B2B-company in Uppsala where I was in charge of the overall design material produced for clients. Packaging and diploma design for Loomis, magazine layout for the local magazine "Luthagsnytt" during end of 2010. Contact with printing agencies, annual report design for "Uppsala Akademiförvaltning", brochures, logos, invitation cards, web design, illustrations and photographing for articles.


Prisma Marketing company
Graphic designer
2009 > 2010

A jewellery company in Uppsala with focus on selling material and teaching through own courses, different techniques and showing students new materials. I was in charge of producing the new graphic profile, logotype, information sheets, product photography and editing, newsletter to customers and publishing new courses and items in the webshop. I did the new web design and production for two domains, their regular site and the webshop.


May 2009

The internship during my time at Grafiskt Utbildningscenter in Uppsala. Worked with illustrations and logotype ideas for client presentations and production of advertising material for the summer campaign for Gränby Centrum.

Graphic communication
2006 > 2009
Class: GK3

Full-time student at GUC (Grafiskt Utbildningscenter) in Uppsala, studying graphic communication, 3 years. We were able to try all disciplines during the first year, among them graphic production and photography. Worked with both fictional and real clients.

Graduated with a diploma from Grafiska Yrkenas Förbund.
"You are a creative that's not afraid to go outside the box! In a professional way you've designed, produced, planned, reflected and delivered graphic products. We are convinced you will meet a bright future within the graphic industry."


Graphic communcation • Illustration • Media theory • Media communication • Multimedia • Photography • Work environment & safety • Print production • Media production • Expo & event • Marketing & projects • Web design • Layout • Graduation project: visual identity

Reference Letter

Pompe Hedengren
For Internship
May 2013

"Amanda Thomsson has been my student during a two month magazine layout course, spring 2013. She did a great job with the creation and production of her own magazine during this course.

She was my intern during three weeks after this course and she did a very good job. I gave her instructions for a magazine project - Statens Fastighetsverk's "Kulturvärden" - and she did most of her work independently. She made 25 pages from scratch. Interpreting texts and images and creating beautiful compositions that went to the magazine editors. All her pages was printed and we are all very happy with the result.

Amanda did a really great job, she's a very ambitious person and has a strong sense of order.
A very important trait when it comes to magazine production. Her sense of design is very good and she's also very social. I'd be happy to work with her again."