Good to see you!

Hello! I’m Amanda. A digital & graphic designer and marketing manager with a passion for brand design and development. I'm happy you found your way in here! Because that probably means you’re curious, so am I, and maybe you’re looking for something special?

Let’s begin by making one thing clear; Everything Communicates. Once you get that down, you can create anything you want. This is my motto. It drives me to push boundaries, create new and unexpected content, and it helps me understand my clients starting point, current place and the future needs.

It’s all in the details. That’s why I use analogue techniques when drawing logotypes, making real mock-ups in order to see the coming result, detect and improve things I would not have seen otherwise. I use my skills in sewing, photography, typography, silver jewelry making, sketching, painting, sometimes even cooking.

Are you looking for something special?

I’d be happy to make it happen – whether it’s a logotype, a business card, a visual identity with a full brand book, new social media content, a brand strategy, a book layout, illustrations for a magazine, or just someone to plan and keep track of your event.

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This is my story


Byggnadstekniska Byrån
Communications Manager
March 2019 > Now

I currently work with our internal and external communication, digital and graphic design for our brand. I create profile products, plan expo and fairs, marketing and adds, sponsorships, template design and production, print material, PowerPoint templates, Linkedin-content and photography. In the process of making commercial videos and updating our brand book. I also manage the information flows through our intranet and newsletter, write texts and build and design guides for our internal systems. As well as administrating, maintaining and developing our CRM-system and quality management system.

2011 > Now

Graphic designer working with branding, strategy, marketing, project planning, presentation production, illustration, web design, photography, interior design concepts, expo, printing production and overall profiling. Handcrafts in paper, fabrics, wood, leather and silver among other things.

Recent project
Prata med Barn

Design and production of a new site called I’ve worked in this project focusing on childrens co-creation and participation in their contact with social services. Design, layout, planning, building in Webflow, filming, mixing sound and cutting all video content for the site. Partly as an employee and partly as a consultant.


Fou Södertörn
Graphic Designer & 
Research Assistant
2018 > 2019

I’ve worked in a project focusing on childrens co-creation and participation in their contact with social services. I designed and produced the website Design, layout, planning, building in Webflow, filming, mixing sound and cutting all video content for the site.

The script, texts and methods are created by my research leader Josefin Bernhardsson together with a group of chosen experts in their respective field. Through workshops and with experts we could design and produce a methodic material to help the social workers in their daily routines to make sure children have the opportunity to participate as they are entitled to. We also created a method of implementing these routines in accordance to the new laws to come with “Barnkonventionen”.

I’ve also filmed, mixed and cut video lectures and workshops outside of this project. And created the graphic material and invitations for the fall workshops and social media content and photography for our Facebook page.


Research Assistant
January 2018 > August 2018

I’ve worked as an administrative research assistant with a project assigned to us by the Government in Sweden and SKL (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting). We mapped the conditions for discovering, and preventing mental illness in people over 65, in the Stockholm districts and municipalities.

I’ve planned the project management, scheduled and booked meetings and interviews, maintained contact lists, answered email and phone calls, travel planning, kept process records, recorded the interviews, transcribed the interviews, administrated forms and signatures, IT and software problems (such as inDesign, Office365, computers, printers, recording devides and so on), template layouts for reserach reports, producing and designen graphic material for presentations/reports.


Byggnadstekniska Byrån
2017 > 2018

I worked in the reception receiving visitors, updated the intranet, booked meetings; both internal and external, ran errands of all types, reporting malfunctions in the facilities/IT equipment, booking conferences and events, ordering office supplies, event materials, food orders, post handling, booking shipments, logistics, and created good atmosphere at the office, making sure everything was in perfect condition. Managing keycards and goods.

Worked with the Office-programs, phone exchange, email hub, both internal and external, catering orders, fika and Friday breakfast. Tech support, copying, scanning and other administrative tasks. Also some consulting work with event brochures.


Amanda thomsson Design
2015 > 2017

Self employed with different clients. Making websites, webshops, business cards, logotypes, Wordpress assistance, social media content, photography and illustrations among other things.


Berghs School of Communication
Graphic design
2012 > 2014
Class: GD1214 
Examination title: DBSoC

Full-time student at Berghs from 2012 to 2014, studying 2 years of Graphic Design. Working with real clients, in project groups spanning over the different disciplines. A wide range of projects, some very guided and some freestyled. It was a ride!
Berghs SoC is crowned:
"School of the Year" in Future Lions: 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Shortlisted – Future Lions 2013
Concept "Yamaha - Play it Yourself" in collaboration with Fredrika Frenkiel, Fanny Svensson Enbacken, Catalina Aguilera, David Dennerkrans, Caroline hjort, Sidona Tesfai och Linnéa Gardefjord.


Graphic design • Illustration • Graphic production • Typography • Idea & concept development • Magazine layout • Design history • Presentation technique • Professional development • Service design • Visual culture • Motion design • Building brands • Sustainable packaging design • Creative processes • Audiovisual design • Media theory • Graduation project: Visual identity


Food & Friends

December 2013

The third internship during my time at Berghs School of Communication. Working with presentation material, illustrations, mock-ups and christmas presents for clients.


May 2013

The second internship during my time at Berghs School of Communication. Working exclusively with magazine layout for Statens Fastighetsverks magazine "Kulturvärden". Layout design, mock-ups and production of the summer edition of 2013.

April 2013

The first internship during my time at Berghs School of Communication. Working with creating social media content for the client SAS. As well as mock-ups and presentation material for client meetings.


Customer care

2011 > 2012

Customer support through telephone and email. Helping customers with questions regarding invoices. Direct contact with Klarna-connected online stores as well as debt collection.


Strato information
Graphic designer
2010 > 2011

A B2B-company in Uppsala where I was in charge of the overall design material produced for clients. Packaging and diploma design for Loomis, magazine layout for the local magazine "Luthagsnytt" during end of 2010. Contact with printing agencies, annual report design for "Uppsala Akademiförvaltning", brochures, logos, invitation cards, web design, illustrations and photographing for articles.


Prisma Marketing company
Graphic designer
2009 > 2010

A jewellery company in Uppsala with focus on selling material and teaching through own courses, different techniques and showing students new materials. I was in charge of producing the new graphic profile, logotype, information sheets, product photography and editing, newsletter to customers and publishing new courses and items in the webshop. I did the new web design and production for two domains, their regular site and the webshop.


May 2009

The internship during my time at Grafiskt Utbildningscenter in Uppsala. Worked with illustrations and logotype ideas for client presentations and production of advertising material for the summer campaign for Gränby Centrum.

Café Truten
2009 > 2019

Running the seasonal café at the island Rödlöga in Stockholm archipelago. In charge of the concept, menu, economy, staff, stock and orders, routines, social media and interior concept. Teaching new staff members routines. Also working at all positions in the café to back up the staff.

Graphic communication
2006 > 2009
Class: GK3

Full-time student at GUC (Grafiskt Utbildningscenter) in Uppsala, studying graphic communication, 3 years. We were able to try all disciplines during the first year, among them graphic production and photography. Worked with both fictional and real clients.

Graduated with a diploma from Grafiska Yrkenas Förbund.
"You are a creative that's not afraid to go outside the box! In a professional way you've designed, produced, planned, reflected and delivered graphic products. We are convinced you will meet a bright future within the graphic industry."


Graphic communcation • Illustration • Media theory • Media communication • Multimedia • Photography • Work environment & safety • Print production • Media production • Expo & event • Marketing & projects • Web design • Layout • Graduation project: visual identity

Program Knowledge


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Premier, Audition, Acrobat, Lightroom, Audition


Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Publisher, Excel


Webflow, Print-programs, Lime CRM, Canea One, Xledger, phone systems, key card systems, post management systems, and more.

Reference Letters

Pompe Hedengren
Creative Director
Stockholm Graphics

"Amanda Thomsson has been my student during a two month magazine layout course, spring 2013. She did a great job with the creation and production of her own magazine during this course.

She was my intern during three weeks after this course and she did a very good job. I gave her instructions for a magazine project - Statens Fastighetsverk's "Kulturvärden" - and she did most of her work independently. She made 25 pages from scratch. Interpreting texts and images and creating beautiful compositions that went to the magazine editors. All her pages was printed and we are all very happy with the result.

Amanda did a really great job, she's a very ambitious person and has a strong sense of order.
A very important trait when it comes to magazine production. Her sense of design is very good and she's also very social. I'd be happy to work with her again."

Linda Wadeborn
HR Generalist
Byggnadstekniska Byrån

“Amanda is a professional, enterprising and positive person with a distinctive service mind.She has a way of making people around her feel like they have known her for a long time. She is quick to learn, flexible and is not afraid to dig in where it’s needed.We would be happy to have her again!”