The Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope produces some of the most amazing images know to us humans. A way for us to see this indescribable, vast and mysterious universe that we live in. A way for us humans to maybe start understanding our own existence. It's also what makes space feel a little less enormous, maybe a little more understandable.
And not the least, it's such a beautiful view.

I wanted to use these images, that are not being used to their fullest extent, in a project that give them the headlights they deserve. Make them more appreciated. In what ways do we consume these images today? Mostly online. I chose to create a physical magazine with these images being the focus, combined with interesting articles and content. Making the consumption of these images more convenient.

The magazine contains all the new images that are being produced during the year. Including interviews, articles on new finds, event calendars, perforated fold-outs and blueprints.

Printed on a thick coated paper with black edges, to make the feel compact and dense. Just like space.

"Looking through the Hubble Telescope, using the magazine as a new medium."

"All images are free for all to use, a great source of material for magazines."

Get your free space images here at the Hubble website.

"The idea is to have one issue published a year with the new images and articles."

"The magazine is printed with black edges, on a thick coated paper to make it really compact and dense to the feel. Just like space."

"The magazine has fold-outs of  the new spectacular images."

"The magazine always contain a calendar with cosmic events not to miss during the year."

"Double fold out of one of the new images."

"The fold outs are perforated and easy to rip out and use as wall decoration or gift wrapping."

On the project
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Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Komplätt Tryckeri
The big fold outs. A real challenge print-wise.
Amanda was in charge of
• Idea & concept.
• Mock-ups.
• Material collection, images, articles.
• Graphic design & layout.
• Calculating size of printing originals and fitting.
• Test printing.
• Originals for printing.
• Handsewing the magazine together.