Rödlöga is a small island in the Stockholm archipelago, four hours from Stockholm. Since the 50's it's been the local hub from where you buy groceries, gas, pilsner, connect with people or to get help if you're in aid. Today the offering is very wide, with a fresh vegetable market, charcuteries, smoked fish, ice cream, frozen food and dairy products. Also a range of boat supplies and toys, among other things.

This on an island that doesn't have cars, roads, electricity or running water. Rödlögaboden has it's own power source using solar panels and a diesel engine. They also have their own water system that converts seawater into fresh water. To supply both the shop and the café.

I wanted to design a visual identity for Rödlögaboden. They had an old beautiful hand drawn logo that I wanted to keep and update a bit. Also I wanted to wrap it up with a new identity that made them overshine their competitors.

The design concept is inspired by signal flags used at sea. The flags exist to make two parts accurately communicate with each other. I really liked the parallels to what I wanted to achieve. And to use a theme that matches the place, the store and the customers. To make the communication with the customers very clear and to show them that Rödlögaboden is a brand to be remembered.

Using block colours and flag patterns I made the new visual identity, tied together with a new edition of the Swedish colour "faluröd" for a brighter and cleaner version.

I also wanted to match the concept with interior design and packaging design. Keeping in mind the heritage of the 50's version of the shop, where everything was purchased over the counter. Bringing back that rustic feel and old school touch but with a modern look.

"The visual identity consists of both business cards, envelopes, a broshure, a map, wrapping paper and more."

Check out their Facebook here.

Oh, and check out the Café Truten Facebook as well.

"Wrapping for the famous Rödlögalimpan, a homemade bread baked every morning at Café Truten."

"This display was built to show the store concept."

"The whole concept became a combination of the visual identity, the interior design and the packaging design for their own products. A rustic, oldschool feel with a new touch."

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Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
The signal flags concept.
Amanda was in charge of
• Idea & concept for visual identity.
• Packaging design concept.
• Interior design concept.
• Mock-ups for identity and packaging.
• Design & layout.
• Originals for printing.
• Building of the display, including tiling and flooring.
• Building furniture & re-painting furnitures.
• Photography.
• Cooking jam & baking bread.