A study of the space in_between things. A study of light. And objects.
I wanted this project to show the two sides of something, portray perspectives and to reflect both myself and how people in general can see things. Everything has two sides to it.

I started by using everyday objects and trying different techniques using light to portray the objects in another way. Multiple photoshoots later I realised that the negative space was actually more interesting than the actual object.

It evolved into abstracting these objects, mostly using the negative space, creating a kind of logo or symbol for each of them. I then used a projector to project these logos onto a black paper background, and started shooting them. I felt like they were lifeless objects not telling the whole story.

By mistake I moved the camera while shooting, and there it was: The symbols came to life. Using slow shutter speed I was able to give each symbol their own movement, their own story.

There are 24 different symbols. And on the back of each page you can see the object I abstracted. They are put together in a non-bound book contained in a handmade clot-covered box.

"The text on the cover is applied using rub-on transfer film."

"The box is handmade with exact measurements, covered in black clot."

"Each symbol has it's own page with the abstracted object on the back of it."

"The 24 symbols together."

"Each symbol has it's own unique movement."

"All symbols are made looking at the negative space of the object."

"The book opens and closes with magnets."

On the project
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Favourite part of project:
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Diabolaget AB
The mishap that made the symbols move.
Amanda was in charge of
• Idea & concept.
• Planning the project.
• Trial an error = problemsolving.
• Photography & editing.
• Originals for printing.
• Bookbinding.