Energi Funktion Komfort

My client Energi Funktion Komfort is a Swedish tech-consulting company in the building industry. They aim high and stand for equality, diversity and believe that you being happy at work is the best thing for everyone. Awarded "Dagens Industri's Gasellen" for the fastest growing companies in Sweden. CEO Mikael Lezdins was also nominated to "Årets Unga VD" in 2016.

Our collaboration started in 2015 and it's a bliss working with the people at EFK. The new logo, visual identity, communication guidelines and interior design is now finished. As well as their new website.

I put a lot of effort into the process before designing, to make sure we were sure of their needs and goals. I wanted EFK to be leading by example in an industry that is otherwise dull and stale. An update was needed and we wanted to break new ground, showing everyone that EFK is a force to be reckoned with.

The visual identity is breathing trust, care, attentiveness, calmness and dedication.

Combined with the warmth and joy of the people working at EFK, they hope to bring competition and inspiration to the industry. Leading by example.

"Copper and raw leather are complementing materials in the brand book."

"Copper sculpture of the logo in 3D."

Check out their new website right here.

Oh, and check out this article in Cap&Design.

"Logotype design process and testing. Both 2D and 3D."

"The logo is based on a 3D cube, also the same shape as a house from an angle. With the abstracted letters E, F and K to make the shape of the logo."

"The moodboard in progress before presentation. Everything made by hand."

"If you look at the logo you can picture an abstracted window and a door."

"First edition of the business card."

On the project
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Web Agency:
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Energi Funktion Komfort AB
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Ulla Markström
Mattias Kirvesniemi
Mikael Lezdins
The raw leather in the brand books. And the logo.
Amanda was in charge of
• All ideas & concepts.
• All graphic design.
• Mock-ups during process.
• Webdesign (Coding by Sphinxly).
• All presentations with the client.
• All communication with client.
• Strategy and planning.
• Goals and needs before design.
• Follow-ups.
• Presentation-material (50/50 analogue/digital).
• Copywriting and communication guidelines.
• All communication with profiling services.
• Bookbinding the brand manuals.
• Photography for project.
• Invoices and economy.