Asymmetric Typography

Classic asymmetric book layout. The task was to present a portfolio design concept for the Swedish sculptor and photographer Anders Krisár. I wanted to really put the focus on his pictures and his sculptures rather than the book itself. The book was to be secondary, but compliment and display his work in an impactful way.

I chose to display some of the photographs using fold-outs. This when I wanted to make sure the book was not too large for him to fit in his bag. Also make sure we don't loose the experience of viewing a photograph on a large spread.

Using classic asymmetric typography to make the base layout and keeping the navigation as clean as possible. Making the art pop, I wanted his work to do the talk.

"The book is covered with a frosted paper that has the text applied with rub-on transfer film."

"The basic two column-layout with very tight pagination."

Check out Anders Krisár's website here.

On the project
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Anders Krisár via Berghs
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
The fold-out photographs.
Amanda was in charge of
• Idea & concept.
• Layout.
• Typography.
• Originals for printing.
• Bookbinding.
• Photography for project.