Abstract Sculpture

An abstraction project. The purpose was to use an object and complete a number of stages in order to make it completely abstract. I went through stages of sketching the object in detail, to zooming in on certain areas that were interesting. Sketching that one and then zooming in again. A couple of rounds later I made a physical display of this, added light and then filmed it.

This film was the inspiration of the final stage, where the outcome was an abstract sculpture made with an clear acrylic sheet, a heat-gun and spray paint.

"A 5 mm acrylic sheet is the base of the sculpture."

"The shapes were made using a heat gun and gently bending the acrylic sheet."

"The sculpture is spray painted white on the backside."

"The sculpture was made through stages of abstraction. It started as a jewelry box, then a sketch, a physical display and then became a film before this."

On the project
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Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
Amanda Thomsson
The abstraction process.
Amanda was in charge of
• Idea & concept.
• Process.
• Sketching & filming,
• Making of the sculpture.
• Photographing.